Newly Licensed UK Bookmakers

Newly licensed UK casinos

UK bookmakers are popular and trustworthy. I am sure anyone who has ever placed several bets, knows this. However, not all of them are from the UK. Sometimes their headquarters and history are somewhere else. We can call them UK bookmakers once they have the right license, which in the end, is not so easy to get.

The reality is, for this and other reasons there are not so many newly licensed ones. That in a way is pity, because then the players are not getting something new to play so often, which means less competition in odds.

Where can I find newly licensed UK bookmakers

That does not mean there are no new UK bookmakers. There still are some, but not so often. What you basically need to do, is to go to the site I linked the previous sentence and check for the reviews. Over there you can see which ones are the new ones. This website also lists the old ones, so if you want, you can also check them out as well. Sometimes, when a bookmaker is new in the UK, the whole site is not. It may have had other licenses for longer time. That of course gives the site some credit already, since many players have gained experience from them.

What are UK bookmakers?

New UK bookmakers are betting sites that have just recently gotten the license from the UKGC. Before that they are not allowed to offer gambling services to any UK players. As mentioned before, these sites may come from other countries and they may have other licenses, which means they might already have years of experience. Sometimes it still happens that a completely new site is launched, having UKGC license from the beginning.

Are new UK bookmakers good?

This of course depends on what you are looking for. Some of them are good and some not. Of course a completely new bookmaker may seem a bit sad compared to a giant, who has been in the industry for years and is sponsoring massive sports teams and runs advertisements on TV. Next to that there is still small, new one trying to get their first customer.

In the end the being good is about the actual product. If the new bookmaker has an amazing platform such as Kambi. Then it has a great selection of matches to bet on. If they are also offering matches with very good odds, of course you can consider this site as a good one. Then it will become one of the massive ones. So just because you have not seen a new bookmaker on TV, it is better not to judge from the first moment, but to get to know its product and user experience.

What benefits newly licensed UK bookmakers have?

Imagine opening a business into an industry with a lot of competition? What can you? How can you intrigue new customers? You must show that you are better than others, right? This is what some of the new ones do. Basically, they can do this by offering a massive bonus and other campaigns with great terms. This surely will make the new players come. However, not all of them act like this, so do not expect from every new site.