Online Gambling

Online Gambling

I wanted to write a few words about online gambling. To have a thought about it. Where is it going and what does look like now? It is always good to stop down to think where we are, so we will know where we are heading. As someone who works in the industry, I see a lot what is happening behind the curtains. I understand online casinos and the industry looks like it is just standing still. However, as always, there is more happening under the surface.

Is online gambling popular and where?

The simpler answer is yes, online gambling is very popular. Well, depends on what “very” means. A study published by a British newspaper showed that over 160 million people alone gamble just by using their phones. On top that if we add the laptop/desktop players, we have hundreds of millions of players. The numbers keep growing as more people have access to a stable internet.

Obviously, right now, most of the players are in developed countries in Europe, such as Finland where kasinosivustot (online casino sites = nettikasinot) are very popular. Then we Americas and Australia but one of the biggest growing markets is India but the future will show what kind of legislations they will place on the industry. Usually in Asia the countries are not so much into online gambling.

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Why do we even have online gambling?

I have wondered this myself but the answer to that is simple. People have always gambled and will always gamble. We have the tendency to do so which in a way is little bit funny. Why do we like to risk what we have to get more? I suppose that is the key to development in any level of humanity.

Since we are living in an era, where we like to make everything as easy as possible and everything is now online, it is no wonder that casinos are there too. As a matter in fact, online casinos where one of the first ones to even happen in the online world. First ones were published in 1997 and everyone knows how internet looked like back then.

The future of it?

I would say that now online gambling is no longer living on the grey zone as many are used to. Governments have woken up and created local laws for the industry aka local licenses. It is no more seen as something dark but bearable. I am welcoming it, because that means that there are more tools for problem gambling as well.  That also puts any grey market operators off the business since they are not able to provider their services anymore since governments are monitoring igaming companies in their territories.

However, one thing I am concerned about is that bigger corporations are taking over the business. We have already seen how many European brands are now in the hands of American gambling giants. If this keeps going, we will have less options for the players. Unfortunately, this is how any industry works.

Still, I see the future bright. The industry is more transparent and more under surveillance. Online gambling is stepping into the light.