Real Money Cashback Bonuses

Real money cashback bonuses

Real money cashback bonuses have become more and more popular lately. No wonder, since it is basically free money that you can give and sometimes it can come without any terms, That means it basically works like a free lunch. What more could a player ask for. In this article I will explain how they work. They are not as complicated as it may seem, and it pretty much is what it says. Cashback. That means, that you will get some cash back to you.

How real money cashback bonuses work

So, as mentioned before. Cashback is cash back to you. It kind of works like a safe net. If you lose some of your money, you will get a certain percentage back. Usually it is between 1% and 30%.

There are several ways the casinos usually give them. Sometimes they give it just once as a deposit bonus, but they could also give it daily, weekly or monthly.

It completely depends on the casino how often they will credit it for the players.

It usually works like this:

If it happens so, that you will lose you all the money that you deposited, you will get a certain amount back to you. So for example, if you deposited 200 euros and the casino gives 10% back in the case you lost it all, that means you will get 20 euros to your available funds.

Then you play these funds at the casino.


As usual, there are some terms you need to consider when playing with cashback.

The most common term is wagering requirement. That means for example that if you have received 20 euros as cashback and it comes with 1x wagering, you need to gamble 20 euros and any winnings after that are completely yours.

Then in some cases, it might be that you can only use this cashback on certain games.

It is also very rare, but in some cases the winnings might be capped. So for example, if the winnings are capped at 20x your cashback amount, it means that you can only cash out that amount. If you received 20 euros as cashback, it means you could only cash out 400 euros.

Other bonuses

Of fourse, there are other kinds of casino bonuses, such as percentage bonuses for new players.

That means that some new players will get for example 100% or 200% up to certain amount.

If you deposit 100 euros and you have a 100% welcome bonus, it means you will get 100 euros on top of your deposit. If this bonus comes with 40x bonus wagering, it means you need to play 100x 40 = 4000 before you can cash out any winnings.


Cashback bonuses may not be the first choice for many players, but if the terms are good and it is continuous, it is a perfect way of giving a safety net on your gambling experience. No wonder that those cashback casinos have become more and more popular lately.